Balls & Clouds

Saturday 25th June

We woke up confused. Our heads had by now been subjected to an unfair number of time calculations, we were unsure what time kick off was for the first British and Irish Lions test against New Zealand in Christchurch. We were pointed in the direction of a bar called the Globetrotter and managed to set ourselves up in a good spot with a couple of chocolat chauds ten minutes before the whistle went. The rest is better left unsaid, or perhaps better left to those who have more expert vitriol in these areas.

The flight home started in glorious weather, but descended into wet rubbish as we crossed the coast of Kent. We were flying in cloud nearly all the way home and relied entirely on nice men with radar screens as we crossed the busy London airspace for a lot of it. We followed our instruments down into Farnborough until we broke out of the cloud at 1300 feet, turned right and headed home to White Waltham.

We landed on the long bumpy grass runway and then took our time unpacking G-CCWA and putting her to bed. It was great to be back in two pieces, but sad to turn our backs on the 'sewing machine' as Ross called her. We'll be back.


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Final approach to White Waltham. The grass runway just visible on the left.

Coming to rest. The prop still turning.

Back safely in two pieces!